Version Control & Error Prevention

Version Control & Error Prevention in Excel

One of the biggest problems faced by people who regularly use shared spreadsheets is the proliferation of updated copies resulting in uncertainty around which is the correct version. These issues can cost organizations dearly if they aren’t prevented. With EASA, there is no proliferation of spreadsheets, and no uncertainty about using only the correct and most up to date version.

What Is Version Control And Why Is It Important For Excel Users?

Version control is the ability to track and manage spreadsheets that are redeployed following updates or changes. Changes are typically to formulas, VBA or data, but any alteration, regardless of how subtle will result in multiple copies. This proliferation of spreadsheets can result in time-wasting confusion, or worse, using an out of date version generating incomplete or erroneous information.


How EASA Eliminates Confusion Around Excel Version Control

EASA’s web-based architecture enables user’s input data to persist or be modified, but only the correct and most up to date version of the spreadsheet is being used to perform the functions and calculations. Outdated spreadsheets are automatically no longer available – no more proliferation and confusion.

Furthermore, EASA prevents unauthorized users from being able to make any modifications to the structure or logic within a spreadsheet, only their input data can be altered, and this ensures that the integrity of the spreadsheet is always maintained.

EASA does this by separating the user input component of a spreadsheet with the logic used to conduct the calculations or data storage. Users supply their input data via a web app rather than directly on the spreadsheet, while the spreadsheet is now run by EASA as a “back-end” process. This means users never directly come in contact with the spreadsheet itself.

Critical spreadsheets you use for applications such as CPQ, financial modeling, project management and other business or engineering functions are transformed into secure and managed collaborative enterprise tools. Contact us today and learn how EASA can help you with your Excel version control issues.

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