Convert Excel to Web App

Converting your Excel spreadsheets to web applications ensures that you avoid the issues associated with collaborative use. These include formulas being overwritten, out-of-date files remaining in circulation, or intellectual property being left exposed. EASA’s platform uses your existing spreadsheets, complete with VBA and macros, but eliminates these issues while enabling a host of entirely new functionality.


Turn your Excel spreadsheets into interactive web apps

Our unique process enables businesses to build web apps with Excel VBAs, macros and add-ins included, without any programming involved.

1. Selection

2. Customization

3. Advanced Features

4. Permissions

5. Publishing

Step 1: Selection

In the spreadsheet, select the content you want displayed using the wizard, and use tools to replicate its dynamic interactive elements, if required. EASA’s platform will create the webpage for you.

Step 2: Customization

If desired, customize the look and feel of your page by rearranging content and adding buttons and tabs. Users will not be aware that the app is Excel-based.

Step 3: Advanced Features

You can choose to implement advanced features such as database functionality, workflow management, e-signature and integration with other data sources.

Step 4: Permissions

Assign permissions to provide or disable access to specific inputs, outputs, and functionalities for different users.

Step 5: Publishing

Test your web app, and if you’re satisfied with it, press the publish button.

How to Convert Excel Spreadsheet into a Web App

If you can create spreadsheets then you can create web apps with EASA. EASA was designed from the onset to be usable by the same people who create spreadsheets – not just programmers or IT specialist. EASA does not require any programming – see the straight forward process here:

Benefits of using EASA

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No need to replace spreadsheets

Continue to use your spreadsheet with all of its benefits — agility, flexibility and power — while only allowing authorized users access to editing functions.

Create custom user interfaces

Customize your webpage according to your branding, with the option of removing the spreadsheet appearance. The webified Excel page can be used internally or be public-facing.

Eliminate the chaos of shared spreadsheets

Convert spreadsheets, including VBA, macros and add-ins, into browser-based apps for multiple users. This way, you remove the risk of overwriting or exposing another user’s work, providing enhanced security without needing to directly edit the native Excel file.

Keep your intellectual property secure

Protect your IP from being accessed or altered by preventing users from handling native Excel files. Provide access to selective inputs and outputs and make time-consuming and easily-defeated spreadsheet data protection solutions a thing of the past.

Eliminate Excel compatibility issues

Run Excel on dedicated, secure servers on your network or cloud. With EASA’s platform, users can access spreadsheets without Excel or any additional software installed, using only a PC/mobile device and a web browser.

EASA’s Capabilities:

EASA’s technology is unique in that it does not rely on conversion, translation or compiling of your formulas or logic, whether they are within macros/VBA or the core spreadsheet.

When EASA converts your Excel sheet to a webpage, your spreadsheet continues to be used in its native form by the EASA system, which means that your calculational VBA and macros will still perform exactly as intended.

EASA comes with its own relational database and, if desired, saves the key data each time a spreadsheet is used (normally the inputs and if needed, the outputs as well). This saved data can then be used for efficient and convenient reporting, analytics and data aggregation — or be used by other solutions, such as dashboarding tools like Power BI.

EASA can be resident on either your corporate network or public or private cloud. In each case, access to your spreadsheet app only requires a device equipped with a web browser and an internet connection to your network or cloud (which must be authorized by either EASA’s or your corporate authentication system).

Windows, Apple and Android devices can all be used — meaning that access to spreadsheets is no longer limited to just Windows. The accessing device, or client, does not require Microsoft Excel to be installed on it.

EASA enables you to integrate and automate your native spreadsheets with a wide range of other software and data sources. Typical integrations are with databases, CRM systems such as Salesforce, ERP systems such as SAP, and engineering simulation and modeling software. Web apps can also be made compatible with CAE, scripts, or legacy software.

Workflow management functionality also enables you to segment and enforce processes, for example by requiring an approval or signature before allowing the process to continue.

While the standard column-row format for your input and output fields may be perfectly sufficient, there are cases where a more elegant user interface design is required.

EASA provides you with the option to create a completely customized webpage interface that doesn’t look like a spreadsheet, with greater error trapping and ‘intelligence’ beyond what can be easily built into Excel — all without the need for any programming. This means that your apps can be created faster, without the need to enlist your IT experts or software developers to build them.

EASA records which version of the underlying software was executed by your app and provides a complete ‘audit trail’ of usage: comprising who used which app, when, and with what result.

Our solution ensures a rigid and repeatable process (and no need to keep re-validating spreadsheets) that can assist in gaining compliance certification even when spreadsheets are being used.

Use Cases

Retain your spreadsheet-based system and the advantages of using Excel. No need to throw away your well-developed tool only to pay for an expensive, inflexible commercial CPQ solution.

Simplify complex Excel manufacturing processes by creating a customized enterprise web application powered by your existing software.

Transform complex and highly proprietary spreadsheets used in the insurance-reinsurance and financial industries into secure enterprise tools easily integrated with policy management platforms and CRM systems.

Convert complex Excel-based models into accessible web apps that can be used for financial processes such as forecasting, inventory optimization and risk management, safely usable by internal or external users.

Streamline the complex task of creating business proposals with EASA’s web-based solution. Without any coding knowledge required, create a simple browser-based interface to drive the entire process.

Retain the underlying logic of your native spreadsheet and use EASA’s platform to create a bespoke online calculator with a user-friendly interface, without exposing the Excel backend.

Client Success Stories

“EASA maintains a record of all versions of the spreadsheets that have been saved to your intranet or cloud, as well as recording who released each workbook and when.”

Nick Seagrave
Pricing Manager, Ingersoll Rand

We created enterprise-grade applications that completely protected Ingersoll Rand’s IP and eliminated typical spreadsheet management issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Instead of converting the entire Excel file, EASA only converts the user interaction components, such as inputs and outputs. The native spreadsheet is retained as is, and used as the ‘engine’ of the app. The main benefit of this method is that macros, VBA, add-ins and all types of formulas can still continue to operate as they should when you convert from Excel to web application.

To top it all off, EASA’s platform allows for additional features (e.g. database functionality, workflow management, and integration with different sources and programs) without making any changes to the native spreadsheet. Excel is not the only software compatible with EASA, so we can convert other files, too.

Unlike other methods of converting excel spreadsheets to web apps, EASA is uniquely capable of including macros and VBA, as well as add-ins. This is done with 100% reliability for all reused logic and formulas.

While Excel was not designed to be a database, or possess database functionality, EASA can enhance the features of a spreadsheet to act as a powerful database. In other words, Excel can absolutely be used for this purpose, and this is a common way that EASA’s platform adds high value to enterprise spreadsheets.

The EASA platform can be installed either on your network or in a cloud system of your choice. In either case, none of your files, data or operations are tied into EASA’s network. They are all completely secure under your own network and infrastructure control.

The EASA platform was designed to provide complete independence to our customers. The web apps you create using EASA’s platform are not reliant on us, except for routine assistance and upgrades (both of which are included with the software).

However, we do also provide professional services to create apps for customers and then train them to perform their own updates and modifications without having to depend on additional services from us.

Yes, the EASA platform is inherently a multi-user system that can allow various people to access the same application, without any risk of overwriting or having to ‘check in or out’ of a master copy. With the database functionality that EASA provides, true collaboration, which is either unwieldy or impossible through native spreadsheets alone, is easily enabled.

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