Convert Excel spreadsheets into web apps
Transform your critical Excel spreadsheets into secure web applications, including VBA and macros.
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Manage Excel spreadsheets effectively
Secure the most current versions of your Excel files and convert them into server-based sheets. Eliminate spreadsheet proliferation and chaos.
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Integrate Excel spreadsheets with CRM systems
Embed your Excel spreadsheets within your other software, including CRM systems like Salesforce and MS Dynamics.
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Continue using Excel as a database
Protect your database and avoid proliferation while still using your original Excel spreadsheets.
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Streamline your software and accelerate your business

EASA is the only low-code application development platform that enables organizations to automate, simplify and manage critical business processes which depend on spreadsheets or other modeling tools.

Transform spreadsheets into custom web applications

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used software tools for businesses and is a critical end user computing platform. However, it is not secure, is prone to user-errors, has poor audit and compliance capabilities, and restricts collaboration. EASA is installed on your network or cloud, and converts your existing sheets — including any macros and VBA — into web apps. This allows you to leverage the flexibility and agility of your existing spreadsheets while eliminating the inherent disadvantages of Excel.


Create, collaborate and easily share spreadsheets

Avoid the operational chaos and spreadsheet proliferation that is caused by internal sharing. EASA Sheets allows your employees to edit and input data while keeping your master sheet secure. All data can be automatically recorded within a central database (network or cloud based) for full database functionality.


Seamlessly integrate Excel spreadsheets into other software

Use your EASA web apps directly, or operate them behind-the-scenes, to update fields in your existing software. Data from your current programs — including CRM systems like Salesforce and MS Dynamics — can be directly integrated, saving copy/paste time, inefficiencies and errors.


See How Companies Companies Transformed Models and Workflows into Enterprise-Grade Web Apps

The problem we were trying to solve was challenging, but EASA was flexible enough to meet our needs. In the future, we will rely on EASA even more…

Nemanja Kostic
IT Solution Architect

Client Testimonials

Applying EASA has brought us significant savings in time through massive reduction in manual intervention, and greater accuracy of captured data

We have used EASA to build CPQ tools which consolidate dozens of processes across our business


EASA enabled us to reduce the IT effort and accelerate the deployment of the Wind ITO system.

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