Legacy Software Modernization

Transform legacy software into modernized web applications

Many businesses possess highly developed and well-validated legacy tools that are vastly underutilized due to their archaic user interfaces and system requirements. Relying on command line or text file based user interfaces requires knowledge and computer skills that are long outdated, relegating their use to only senior staff experienced in their use. Besides being difficult to use, there may be few computer systems that can support them.

However, with minimal effort and no hand coding, these programs can be repackaged into simple to use modern web applications. EASA enables non-programmers to create slick browser based user interfaces easily used by anyone. The underlying legacy software is still used in its original form, eliminating any need to revalidate it, and is controlled by the web app rather than directly by the user. The end result is legacy software is modernized and can be leveraged to a far greater level, without any loss of functionality.

IT modernization – without writing HTML or code

With EASA, your legacy software is easily transformed into a web app or web portal that can be cloud based if required, ushering it into the modern IT environment – all without any rewriting of code or generating HTML. As the underlying software is completely secure, there is no exposure of your valuable source code being changed, copied or revealed. Furthermore, process automation is possible, and web apps can be set up to drive complete workflows in cases where your legacy software is used in conjunction with other software such as databases, CRM systems and BI tools.

Automate legacy processes through a web app

Why modernize legacy applications?

Improve efficiency

Legacy software often contains proven and validated algorithms and data sets, but can be impractical to use by those not familiar with the out of date or lack of user interfaces. With a modern, browser based user interface, staff can easily leverage these tools, greatly reducing the time and effort involved. Furthermore, when EASA is used as a process automation tool, it can integrate legacy software with any other software that might be involved in the workflow, creating additional gains in efficiency.

Reduce risk of error

Legacy software is often driven by text input files that invite errors, out of bounds values and non-feasible combinations of inputs. Using EASA allows data relationships to be specified and constrained, and input values can be checked for correctness and conformity to constraints. EASA helps to ensure that inputs are correct and error free. In addition, as there is no direct access to the underlying legacy code itself, it is not possible to inadvertently (or intentionally) change the logic, again reducing the opportunities of introducing errors.

Increased security

EASA web apps, whether cloud based or your corporate network based, possesses highly configurable authentication ensuring only authorized staff can access and use specific web apps. The underlying legacy software is retained in a completely secure environment that cannot be breached by users, only those authorized. This means that not only is the core logic protected from edits, but protection against hacking is as strong as your corporate system.

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