CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate CRM software with Excel for enhanced capabilities

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows you to streamline communication between your business and your clients by integrating revenue tracking, sales, and contact information within one system.

Automate data transfer

Manually copying and pasting information such as names, email addresses and any other type of data can be inefficient. EASA’s automation capability enables you to automate data transfer, either from the spreadsheet to the CRM, from the CRM to the spreadsheet, or both. An automated system can save time, reduce errors and eliminates the need for familiarity with the CRM tool.

Generate custom CPQ (Configure, Price Quote)

CRM systems are often equipped with dedicated CPQ capabilities, however, standardized pricing and quoting systems may not be adequate for complex or custom pricing calculations. In addition, many companies use Excel spreadsheets to build their specialized pricing logic. Relying on multiple unconnected tools rather than a single unified environment is inefficient and error-prone.

EASA allows you to keep your custom business logic in Excel while seamlessly integrating it with most CRM software, able to be launched directly from within your CRM system with its user interface environment. None of the Excel functionality is lost – formulas, macros, and VBA in your existing pricing tools will be preserved.

As your custom spreadsheets are no longer directly shared by users, EASA also eliminates typical problems and limitations, such as lack of version control, lack of security of your intellectual property, and exposing your business logic to undesirable alterations.

EASA works with virtually all CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Insightly.

Access your integrated solution with only a web browser

EASA operates in such a manner that while Excel may be integrated with CRM, there is no requirement to have Excel (or your CRM software) locally installed. This provides convenient access even if users are using non Excel equipped mobile devices such as smart phones or notepads.

Does my business need EASA for CRM integration?

Any business that uses a CRM system, and also uses Excel for generating quotes and proposals, or any other application requiring data transfer between the two, can benefit from EASA. EASA eliminates inefficiencies and error introduction often resulting from manually exchanging data between these two programs.

Database storage of executed runs

An issue often associated with the use of spreadsheets as pricing and quoting tools is that they are usually stored as a series of spreadsheets, which are then distributed across your enterprise. This process not only creates copy confusion, but it also makes searching, reporting and conducting analytics difficult or impossible.

With EASA, your quotes are saved on a relational database so all your information is stored in a database. With your data being stored in one convenient location, reports, searches and data analytics are easily implemented. Errors are reduced and efficiency within your business is improved.

A simple copy and paste error between your CRM system and a separate pricing tool such as Excel, takes extra time and can introduce errors. But by using EASA to integrate Excel-based pricing tools with your CRM system, users no longer need to re-enter data, (such as customer data) eliminating the wasteful manual process.

Improve workflow and processes

Quite often, quoting and proposal workflows may need approval or additional data input before documents can be sent out to customers. Existing processes and workflows are maintained with EASA’s advanced features. These features include the ability to prevent quotes from being completed and sent out until conditional data or approvals have been supplied, automatically notify staff of their required input, and automatically notify the originator when approval has been obtained.

No programming required

EASA is a tool aimed at non-software developers, enabling those who need to create a solution to do so without requiring developers and IT involvement. It is a low-code development platform that can be easily used by non-IT personnel.

Free Project Consultation

Request a free project consultation with EASA so we can discuss your requirements and, if desired, provide you with a demonstration of the software.