Automation & Integration of Business & Software Processes

Automation & Integration of Business & Software Processes

Many organizations have built largely ad hoc processes across a range of software in order to achieve business objectives such as configured-to-order price quotes or custom proposals. These can be very segmented, inefficient, error-prone, and difficult for inexperienced team members to understand.

Companies use EASA to improve their business process automation, creating web applications that integrate these processes in one place. They also benefit from the ability to create highly customizable, fit-for-purpose user interfaces that substantially enhance the practical usability of processes for a very diverse base of users.

Benefits of automating business processes with EASA

EASA’s business process automation solutions require no programming and, unlike other solutions, the underlying software continues to be used rather than being replaced or translated. Typical applications involve processes or workflows that include Excel, databases, and ERP, as well as scientific, CAE, financial, and actuarial software products, and in-house and legacy codes.

EASA creates apps which are:

Easily used by those who are not experienced with the underlying software, process, or workflow

Maintained with complete integrity, version control, and security of the calculations, functions, and VBA which underpin your intellectual property

100% reliable across the network, regardless of local infrastructure, including use on mobile devices

Access controlled to specific entities, and automatically documented with a complete audit trail

Automatically Create Reports, Notifications, and Audit Documents

Without any programming, EASA enables you to create apps which generate a custom final report. These can incorporate tables and graphs created by popular software such as MS Office, and be in a preferred format such as a Word document or PDF.

EASA can also automate notification emails based on a wide range of conditions such as errors detected, process completion, or process delayed. EASA also logs audit information such as user, date/time, project, and any other required information.

All of these capabilities help streamline and automate your business processes, and allows those unfamiliar with any part of the workflow to utilize them correctly.

Eliminate Wasted Manual Effort

Many business processes require the use of different software tools being used sequentially, or in parallel. Each step may require manual intervention in order to proceed to the next one. This means that not only is valuable time used inefficiently, but new errors can be introduced into the process.

EASA enables businesses to create a single web app that integrates and automates these processes while providing notifications, error trapping, and file handling. Meanwhile, intermediate logic switches enable different courses of action, depending on the outcome of previous steps. Automating your business processes with EASA is simple to implement, and requires no programming. This can save valuable IT resources, and dramatically reduces the man-effort and expertise it usually takes to run these workflows.

Apps created with EASA also ensures that the correct version of any software is utilized, while still documenting relevant information like user, date and time, and project. You can maintain your document history, enabling the instant retrieval and reuse of any previous configurations if the need arises. Operators unfamiliar with the process or underlying software can easily utilize apps, and conduct calculations under identical conditions. More importantly, users can access the same versions of all software driven by the app, ensuring complete and auditable repeatability.

Free Project Consultation

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