Proposal Generation & Proposal Management

Business process management solutions

Creating business proposals needs to be fast and accurate. However, too many businesses are still using manual processes which all too often results in delays in getting proposals onto the desk of a customer, or worse, one that contains errors. Creating business proposals typically requires a combination of software including spreadsheets, analysis and reporting tools, databases and numerous communications via email, telephone or face-to-face meetings.

Manual processes like this can be difficult to manage, lack repeatability, be prone to errors, and can leave people within your organization unable to use the tools efficiently if they are unfamiliar with the various types of software. If Excel is used, it opens up your process to all the related limitations and weaknesses of spreadsheets, for example, exposed proprietary information, version confusion and error propagation. These common issues with such processes demonstrate the need for fast and accurate proposal generation. As such, businesses can benefit from improving their proposal generation and management processes with EASA.

EASA allows you to continue to use your standard operating procedures and software but in a far more streamlined, easy to use and automated fashion. Without any coding knowledge required, you can create a single, browser-based user interface to drive the entire process.

Refine workflows with process automation capability

As well as possessing process automation capability, EASA can also manage your workflows by ensuring that the process cannot continue until key milestones are achieved, for example:

As the process is controlled by a single, customized-to-your-needs web application, you no longer require experts to operate the software, enabling more people to contribute or use the system. EASA also automatically records and captures the proposals within a relational database (either one supplied with EASA or alternately, one already available on your network), which means easy searching, reporting and data analytics across all of your proposals.

Improve your processes with no need to replace your existing software

Besides streamlining and automating your processes, a key benefit of EASA is that you are able to continue using your existing software, offering far more flexibility and adaptability compared to replacing it all with a rigid and expensive to implement commercial tool. This includes spreadsheets, and EASA provides specific functionality for Excel that completely removes the common limitations and pitfalls associated with replacing spreadsheets.

Furthermore, EASA is a low code development platform which enables a non-expert to implement the solution, eliminating the need for software developers or relying on IT support. This is particularly beneficial for any business trying to build a custom system from scratch, which will typically require significant IT resources to be involved.

Enhance your business’ proposal generation and management

As well as improving the proposal generation and management process of your business, using a web app solution from EASA has many other benefits.

Increased security to protect proprietary information

Proposals can often contain highly proprietary information which must remain secure. EASA ensures only authorized personnel can access the web app or data contained within it and allows you to fully control access to the software through an easily implemented authentication system.

Data and software remain secure

Your data files and software are no longer exposed so there is no possibility that they can be altered, either intentionally or accidentally. Any spreadsheets that are used in your proposal generation process are no longer exposed, so no copying, editing or emailing is required, as users input data via a web app. The web app then drives the spreadsheets which are running on a secure server, ensuring their integrity.

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