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Many industries use Excel for data organization and analysis, executing logic and calculations. However, countless businesses find the software frustrating due to its inherent issues. From compatibility problems that occur due to different versions of the app, through to unsecured sharing, all the way to version confusion, while Excel is a powerful and convenient tool, it is full of drawbacks. No matter your industry or how complex your spreadsheet is, EASA can help you solve these obstacles, streamline your processes and use your existing spreadsheets in a far more effective way.

By turning your Excel spreadsheet — together with any macros and VBAs — into a working web-app, the EASA platform pulls out the input and output data fields you require through a website-like interface. This website links to the master copy of the spreadsheet, which is then run as a backend process on your corporate network or in the cloud.

As a web app, it is fully shareable and secure. All your stakeholders need is their login details and a browser, and you can even set them with different access levels depending on their requirements. Inputted data is run through the spreadsheet, outputs are returned to the web interface, and your original master Excel doc can be used as a template for many simultaneous instances of the web app.

Each user’s dataset can be saved to a central, relational database, which can either be supplied with the EASA platform or integrated within an existing corporate system. This creates a private historical record, bypassing the spreadsheet proliferation and eliminating the chaos and inefficiency associated with it.

We’re sure you see the value of the EASA app by now, but here are some examples of how it can be used for different industries and workflows.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

EASA turns CPQ applications into usable tools for customers, distributors, and other external users.

Financial Modeling

EASA takes your well-developed financial modelling spreadsheets and turns them into a webpage tailored to your needs.

Proposal Generation & Proposal Management

EASA automates your business proposals and refines your workflows.

Engineer to Order

EASA streamlines your ETO manufacturing process without the cost and disruption.

Insurance Raters & Scenario Modeling

EASA protects your custom insurance calculations from being copied while guaranteeing their integrity.

How to Convert a Spreadsheet into a Web App

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