Videos: Democratize Complex Processes & Legacy Software

Enabling simulation to be safely conducted by users who are not subject-matter-experts can greatly increase the impact and ROI of many simulation and analysis tools. Explore case studies where EASA has been used to deploy models created with a wide range of software, such as:

  • Excel
  • MATLAB, Mathcad, and other mathematical modeling tools
  • ANSYS, Nastran, and other CAE Modeling tools
  • In-House and legacy software

EASA enables you to “appify” your simulation models and workflows to easily-deployed, web-based applications that embed design rules, constraint checks and error trapping, which can then be deployed to any controlled group of users. Users could be existing subject-matter-experts needing to streamline their current workflows, and/or occasional users who don’t have the time to refamiliarize themselves, or even those new to modeling.

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