EASA Software Featured in Bloor Research InDetail Paper

Posted on July 28, 2021


Bloor Research, independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firm based in Europe (bloorresearch.com) published an InDetail paper on rapid codeless application development and deployment software EASA. The InDetail paper, authored by Philip Howard of Bloor Research, provides an executive summary of EASA’s capabilities, as well as an in-depth analysis of EASA’s capabilities and applications.

Philip Howard’s paper begins with his observation and the mission statement for the paper: “The problem for EASA is that it is in a class of one. With no other comparable products in the market it is difficult to get the word out as to how valuable the technology is. It is our hope that this paper helps to redress that balance.”

The paper goes on to summarize how EASA can be used by an enterprise to securely deploy a spreadsheet-based configuration, pricing and quoting (CPQ) model while “imposing security, governance and compliance around the intellectual property embedded in the spreadsheet, and while capturing the data from every quote issued by every sales person.” The same scenario, Howard states, can be applied to an enterprise with a mathematical or scientific model that needs to be securely shared.

Howard also goes into great detail on the product specification for EASA software, as well as EASAP Builder, which is used to extend the capability of the deployed web app beyond that of the underlying model, for example, proposal management.

The full PDF of the paper can be viewed here.

About Bloor Research:
Since Bloor was founded in 1989 around one principle: “To enable organisations to choose the optimal technology solutions for their needs”, it has grown to become one of Europe’s leading independent IT research, analysis and consultancy firms. Learn more about Bloor at http://www.bloorresearch.com/.

About EASA:
EASA is a codeless rapid application development platform that enables the “appification” of modeling and simulation tools; the deployment and secure sharing Excel® spreadsheets as enterprise apps; the creation of fit for purpose apps to simplify business processes; and the automation and integration of business and software processes. To learn more about EASA or request a demonstration, visit easasoftware.com.