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EASA originated as a development project within the Engineering Software group at AEA Technology (now part of Ricardo PLC). The original vision was to create a new way for companies to deploy engineering and scientific models as intuitive web apps, customized to the needs of the end-users. A fundamental requirement for the platform was that these web apps should be built without conventional coding, and with a fraction of the effort required for conventional application development. The driver behind this project was the frequency of requests from existing AEAT clients for custom applications to enhance and extend the AEAT software product portfolio, such as CFX (now part of ANSYS – www.ansys.com), nCode (now part of HBM – www.hbm.com), and HYSYS (now part of AspenTech – www.aspentech.com). The project was successful and EASA 1.0 was released in 2002.

Driven by customer demand, EASA development was generalized to work with virtually any software, with particular emphasis on Excel and mathematical modelling tools. EASA is now the leader in transforming existing software workflows into scalable, collaborative and enterprise-grade web apps, and has garnered awards and considerable accolades from commercial organizations and key experts in the field.

Some key dates in the evolution of the EASA offering:

First customers won.


United States Patent granted (UK patent in 2003)


Finalized the development of an Excel interface which enables a direct link between an EASA application and one or more underlying spreadsheets. This enabled EASA to win customers in the financial services sector such as AIG, VOYA, and Zurich Financial, where Excel is the predominant modelling tool.


As of 2021, the EASA customer base has grown to include leading multinational corporations, such as: AIG, Bristol Myers Squibb, Canon, Corning, Eli Lilly, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, HP Enterprise, Intel, John Deere, Monsanto, Pfizer, P&G, Ryder, Schneider Electric, VMware, VOYA, Xerox, ZF, and Zurich Financial.

EASA continues to add staff at a rapid pace, and has offices in the following locations:

  • Oxford, UK; development, technical support and contract services
  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA; technical support and contract services
  • Tel Aviv, Israel; development
  • Tampa, FL, USA; sales & marketing and development

We have partnered with a number of leading companies to provide localized sales and technical support – please see locations.


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