When Time Is Money: How a Rapid Application Development Solution Cuts Costs

Posted on July 28, 2021


The “time is money” cliché is an absolute truth for most businesses.  Whether it’s literal billable hours for service-based businesses, or maximization of productivity of your workforce, the amount of time spent on a given task or process directly affects your company’s bottom line.

And this is why a rapid application development solution like EASA software saves businesses money.  Take for example GE Energy.  As the world’s leading wind turbine suppliers, GE wanted to streamline the process by which they conducted site feasibility studies, a complex process that was historically highly-manual and time-consuming.  To streamline this process, GE required a highly tailored web application to streamline knowledge capture, retention, and communication for wind farm site suitability analysis.

Enter EASA Software’s rapid application development platform.  Using EASA, GE developed a web-based system called Wind ITO (Inquiry to Order).  EASA’s rapid application development platform enabled them to create the Wind ITO system, a custom web-based application which integrates Oracle with analysis tools such as Excel and Matlab, as well as several proprietary algorithms.

The result?  GE has a streamlined process which enables them to produce more proposals, in a fraction of the time, not only saving the company money in IT and man hour costs, but enabling them to make money, faster.

GE Energy’s Julia Martinez: “EASA enabled us to reduce the IT effort and accelerate the deployment of the Wind ITO (Inquiry to Order) system. Consequently, we have reduced the number of hours per project, enhanced accuracy by reducing manual operations, increased our ability to try ‘what if’ scenarios, and empowered non-experts.”

As business executives and corporate leaders, we are constantly striving to improve our bottom line.  Think of your business: what processes could you improve upon?  Often our business processes become so bogged down with unnecessary steps.  In the case of energy giant GE, the solution was a streamlined, customized app which allowed them to deploy their proposals and solutions at a much faster rate, without sacrificing thoroughness or accuracy.   And that time saved both on the eliminated, unnecessary man hours and on the time it takes to deploy proposals translates directly to money in the bank.