How The Appification of Simulation is Changing SPDM (Simulation Process and Data Management)

Posted on September 17, 2021


The democratization of simulation and design optimization is proving to be an increasingly important goal as enterprises realize that greater collaboration can lead to significant advancements – and ultimately position an enterprise as the innovative leader in their industry. In a recent article by Kenneth Wong from Desktop Engineering, “Simulation Lifecycle Management’s New Mission”, Wong discusses how the push for the democratization of simulation is fundamentally changing the simulation process and data management (SPDM) process.

One of the things that Wong discusses in this article is how the “appification” of simulation – launching the simulation model as a version-controlled and user-friendly web app – can aid in this democratization. By deploying complex design optimization and simulation models as web apps, you allow for greater participation in the SPDM process by housing an otherwise complex process in an accessible platform.

The article zeroes in on Front End Analytics, who build SimApps (simulation apps) for clients who want to deploy their simulation models as web based apps. But, as Dr. Juan Betts, managing director at Front End Analytics, states, developing SimApps directly on SPDM systems can pose its own challenge. Instead, his team utilizes EASA’s platform as the engine for SimApp development:  “If you have processes that don’t change a lot, your simulation steps are established, and data management is important to you, then we can probably build our apps directly on your SLM system,” says Betts. “But the drawback with that is, the ‘appification’ capabilities in SLM systems are still very limited. The variety and range of apps you can build in something like EASA is much higher.”

Simulation Model Deployment Through “Appification” Using EASA provides access to simulation models for a much wider audience, and also enables case management and collaboration between users.

Does your enterprise struggle to find ways to make your design optimization and simulation processes more collaborative and democratized? Have you considered the appification of these processes? Leave us a comment below or contact us for a demo of EASA’s capabilities.