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The Opportunity

EASA continues to grow, and no wonder; Excel is the most widely used business application in the world! While being a fantastic business tool, Excel spreadsheets possess well known limitations, particularly when they need to be shared within and outside of an organization, or used as a collaborative tool. All too often companies run into challenges related to issues such as intellectual property security, version control, auditability and maintaining spreadsheet integrity as it passes from person to person. 

EASA is the leading software tool for converting spreadsheets into secure web apps, and the only Excel to web solution that permits VBA/macros, add-ins and all formulas to be retained. Additionally, it is the only solution to enable integration with other platforms such as and other data sources, replacing Excel “databases” with actual relational databases, and incorporating workflow management and process automation.

Helping us grow are our high-quality reseller partners with strong footprints in specific geographic and/or vertical markets. We share the product sales revenue while enabling your organization to generate new and recurring revenue from supporting EASA customers.

Profile of our successful partners

Our successful partners typically are small to mid-size companies with a good presence within a geographical region. They usually have existing relationships with contacts in IT, finance, engineering, sales and marketing, or other functions where spreadsheets have become a critical tool for calculations, quoting, or configuration, or where the customer needs to share data with external entities such as partners, customers, suppliers or sales distribution channels. Because Excel is so widely used, virtually any industry is a potential target, and our existing customers include manufacturing, logistics, finance, insurance and healthcare organizations among many others.

A good working knowledge of Excel is essential, as is the ability to provide support, training and potentially professional implementation and consulting staff if required.


Having local representation is a win for our customers, and this translates into a win for us and our partners. Our partners can use their existing channels, or leverage the general utility of Excel to penetrate new markets and customers.

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    The problem we were trying to solve was challenging, but EASA was flexible enough to meet our needs. In the future, we will rely on EASA even more…

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