How to Embed Web Applications on Your Website?

Many companies have started embedding web apps within their websites. For instance, an enterprise may want to provide their viewers the option to use the tools of their trade, or use their website to supply a certain value for subscribers...

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How to Create a Searchable Database from a Spreadsheet?

Data is arguably the most important element for business success, but the degree that companies are able to collect, manipulate, analyze and ultimately make use of that data varies enormously. There are a number of reasons companies under-leverage their data,...

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Spreadsheet vs Database: Which is Better?

Enterprises know that data is essential for their success. Without collecting, analyzing and utilizing it correctly, organizations are not likely to be able to assess their current business position, improve their processes, and achieve growth. However, manipulating data for your...

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8 advantages of a Relational Database

We live in the age of data. Information has become our most valuable resource, allowing businesses to streamline, refine and improve their services and, as a result, their profits. One of the main benefits of data is that it is...

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4 Steps to a Seamless Scenario Analysis Process

Let’s be honest. None of us are fortune tellers. However, there’s no need to dust off the old crystal ball in order to predict the future when we’ve got Microsoft Excel. The software supports a scenario analysis — a process...

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Is Excel a Database?

Excel is the world’s leading spreadsheet tool with over half a billion users, and is often used as a database for businesses and individuals to store information in.  But should it really be used this way? Well, if this sorry...

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