Audit Trail & Access Control

One of the major limitations of spreadsheets is that there is no out of the box system to control access, nor maintain any records of updates, usage, and users. EASA’s software provides an extremely easy-to-implement access control and Excel audit trail ensuring businesses have a detailed historical accounting of their records.

Excel Audit Trail

EASA maintains a record of all versions of the spreadsheets that have been saved to your intranet or cloud, as well as recording who released each workbook and when. It also notes any cases of individual use, by application and user. Previously-completed cases can also be reopened as a starting point for new cases, if needed, and be tracked accordingly as part of the Excel audit trail. But since the actual spreadsheet is not being manipulated, the document will retain its integrity.

Access to these versions and their results is completely controlled, with all results automatically saved in a relational database, providing centralized data storage and an audit trail. This provides a greater capacity for searches, analytics, and reporting, without the need to aggregate spreadsheets or create special programs to do data analysis.


EASA includes a built-in security layer that requires a user to authenticate themselves before they are granted access to the application site. User account management is integral to EASA software, and comes available as standard. In addition to this, EASA can be configured to integrate with existing authentication and single sign-on (SSO) solutions that you already have implemented in your organization. This includes Active Directory (AD), LDAP, SAML, Siteminder, and others.

Access Control

The user account management provided by EASA enables the administrator to tightly control which results are shared, and which apps can be seen and used by individuals. This is accomplished by the group function along with dedicated app libraries, with details down to the individual level, if required. In addition, the availability of different portions or options within the application can also be controlled by simple administrative control, all without changing the application or underlying spreadsheet.

Audit trails are often critical for applications such as CPQ (configure, price, quote), financial, and engineering calculations. 

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